This place is where I give credit that is due. And also some sites that I used for learning how to code.

Coding Resources and Tutorials

Notepad: This one is on you computer and can be used to create your website. Great for beginners and those who haven't code in years!

Notepad++: This is like the one on your computer, but better.

Sadgirl's Layout Builder: A website builder where it's already coded for you! It's perfect for anyone whose starting out. The site that my website was made on, duh! No seriously, this is where you can make your own website for free. A newer website where you can also make your own website for free.

W3Schools: A good introduction site. This site is the place where it has lots of tutorials and guides for coding. Many people here used this site a lot.

HTML Dog: An another good introduction site for creating Html and CSS. This is where I spend my time at, making my first website before creating this website.

Mozilla Learn: A third good introduction site for creating Html and CSS.

Stack Overflow: A community-based space to find your coding questions and answers.

Zonelets: A code-based blogging platform that is easy to integrate into Neocities. This where my blogs came from.

iMood: A site where it helps you keep in touch and you can see what's the Internet's mood right now.

Status Cafe: Status update widget for your website.

Cbox Chat: A live chat to your site.

iShoutbox: Another live chat you can put on your site. Unlike Cbox Chat, this has better customization.

Scripted: A Neocities website that has tons of sources & codes to beautify your website!

Calendar Muryou: This where this cute sidebar calendar that some of sites here have come from. A small warning, the site is in Japanese, but you can a translation code on your browser to translate to your language.

Free Website Hit Counter: A website counter for your page.

UltraGuest: A guestbook website where you can actually customizate your guestbook page! This my guestbook replacement for 123Guestbook since it got shut down in July

Smart Guestbook: Another guestbook website.

Graphics, Fonts & Cursors

GifCities: A search engine for gifs that originally came from Geocities.

Giphy: An online database and search engrine where you can search and share animated GIF files. That's where some of my Hello Kitty gifs came from.

88x31 Button Maker: As it said on the can, it site where you can make your own 88x31 button that you can use to link your website for others to use.

Blinkies: A website where you can make your own blinkies

Courgette Font by Karolina Lach

Fink Heavy by

Anime Ace by Blambot Comic Font

New Walt Disney Font by 538Fonts

SNES Font by Lyric Type

Pokemon Solid Normal by IPBP

SimLLHP by SML Designs

Manga Temple by Blambot Comic Font

Some Time Later by Fredrick R Brennan

Cursors-4u: This is where you find any cursors that you can think of

Hello Kitty Cursors by 15pets+

Hello Kitty Halloween Cursors by Claudia Dias