Hello Kitty Drawing on an Essel Hello Kitty with a Bucket of Paint and Paintbrush

Here's the place that showcase my artwork! (Which some are okay...)




2021 Dangaronpa Birthday Draws

Back in 2021, I did a thing on Dangaronpa subreddit, where I would draw and post a character from Dangaronpa and fangame, Dangaronpa Another on their birthday. I did this for 6 months before I stopped due to suffering from both burnout and my anxiety taking over, thinking that the users on the subreddit serectly hate my drawings. So, that's why my reddit name is on the page.






This is a webcomic about two kids growing up in rural Ohio in the early 2000s'. Despite the ups and downs of school, bullies and family, the two will have each other to support. There's some pop culture there or two from the era. And some current event too.

Two pages are posted every Tuesday night.

    Available on:

  • ComicFury
  • This will take you to the latest chapter.

  • Tapas
  • This will take you to the start of the series.

    Both of them are under the username MadameRheanne.

This page was inspried by one of Lazer Bunny's page