Here are the stamps that I found from browsing Neocities. Most of these stamps came from DeviantArt while the rest are made by some users here. So, I'll try to link them here if I can. There is an invisible scrollbar in the stamp section, so there's more stamps below the ones that are shown here!

Warning: Some of the stamps have flashing images.

a white sewing button with 4 holes Hello Kitty Sticker 1
I Have Way Too Many Stamps Kirby Face Pink and Black Checkerboard Wii Neurodivergent ^_^ Oruan Host Club Bisexual I Heart Books Pink iPod The Blue Lions Color Code PlayStation 2 Super Mario Kirby and Logo Hello Kitty most of my gallery is 100% MS Paint and i'm okay with that PC User Spongebob SquarePants Puca Mary Sue Safe Zone Hamtaro be kind to each other The Powerpuff Girls Sugar Cookies Pink Game Consoles Cutting Fried Eggs with Chopsticks Princess Peach Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Logo all women are queens Embrace the Cringe Rainbows TERFS aren't welcome Grell This Stamo Hates You Hell Sign Hot Topic I Heart Stamps I Love Hello Kitty Krita User I Love to Stay Up Late I've a lot of ideas but I'm too LAZY to draw them I wish life had Ctrl + Z Mia Mob 100 I Love Music Kiiruma I Support Neocities Neurotypical? In THIS economy? I love making character Good day; Good Night Panty and Stocking I Heart Portals pretty good at bad decisions We shouldn't have to live in fear certified Cringeworthy Seal of Approval i am a SENSITIVE person i wish squid were real Salior Moon Anxiety Autisitc My stamp collection grows EVERY DAY Cu Te EEVEE Pink GameBoy Color I Cry Alot I Heart My DS Mikan Tsumiki Miu Iruma Retsuko x Haida Saimatsu Sakuraoi Sanrio Tenmiko The Sims Stardew Valley Legend of Zelda I Stress Way Too Much Iced tea Nyoncat Heart Wings Protect LGBTQIA+ kids tears of the kingdom drawing gaming cat lover I Stand for Equality Girl Power I Heart Snacking I Love Cookies I Love Junk Food Pink My Hero Academia Logo Natural for us to Seek Attention Pro-Woman and Pro Choice Suck at Replaying Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair L girly Hamtaro I Heart Anime Convention Rainbow Luigi's Mansion updater Sims 3 Yoshi's Island Stocking Pink DS I'm Bisexual I am capable of being attracted to Anyone Primarina Support LGBT people of color The Legend of Zelda Autism Symbol Gardevoir I Heart Pink Kill All Pedo Pizza my HTML fucking SUCKS! Autism Speaks is a Scam and a Hate Group Autism wins be free and cringe I support Physic-type Zodiac Signs Steven Universe S1 Intro tumblr Two Pikachus I Heart Fairy Type Pokemon My Life as a Teenage Robot Cartoon Network Logo Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Donuts Super Paper Mario Chowder Mario and Princess Peach wearing a kimono and hakama Stamp Collector Little Witch Academia Hamtaro 2 Secretly a Mermaid Chocolate Cake with Strawberries The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Earthbound Fire Emblem Lindsay I Heart Tea My OC's are My Babies I like animation I'm girly and gamer No Ai Nutella I support PIZZA! Make Pasta I Love Starwberries I Heart Cats I'm cute! My friends are my Inspirations (Thank You Guys) This stamo is all wiggly :3 Vintage I burnt my shake Windows 7 Logo I heart Lazy Pyjama Days I Love the SIMS I like staying up all night I Heart Animal Crossing Mother Series Pikmin Princess Peach Today Depeche Mode Lgbt+ Support & Pride I Wear Glasses Envy Cool I Love Chocolate Mah Boi Edward Elric I Listen to Music While Drawing 3DS Start up Screen Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros Rest in Peace Windows XP wii love nintendo Raise your Hand if You Suck at Drawing HANDS Rosalina in Super Mario Bros Hot Topic The Cure Long Live Windows XP Not the player; it's the music The Only Good Nazi is a Dead One I surived 21.12.2012 Another Apocalypse Google the brain I never had Mouse User Neko Cat playing with String Toy Teens Deserve Privacy Too Palestine I Support Drawing in Math Class I love pastel colors Mutant Maggots Logo Pink DS ADDICT Close up view of Chihiro Lawyers are SEXY Death Note characters as pixel sprites I heart old electronics Kiity and Emma hugging Mario Party Logo Speed up version of Reef Blower epsiode Post Time Skip Dimitri Aoi Asahina i love cute stuff Pink Game Boy Color I love stars Shwan and Jasmine's first kiss i still watch cartoons! Chihiro Fujisaki I love junk food I love fiction Peko Pekoyama Pikachu Wild World Prosecutors are SEXY Death Note Logo Sakura Ogami Killer Bass Logo Fullmetal Alchemist Logo My Chemical Romance Pencil + Paper User Always tired Autsim Must Be Cured Under a No Sign Autistic All bodies are good bodies I don't support PeTA nor I will ever Fireflies glow please give credit properly...or don't use it I can twist my stamps I am way to FORGETFUL Forever yawning Iced tea I am a Daydream Sleepy Usagi rolling on her bed get the artist's permisson; don't infringe rights Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. trans people have been here since the beginning Hamtaro 3 happy meal Magical Leaf with PP being 4/20 The 'incorrect password' screen freaks me out! D: reddit logo Piracy is Archival 404 Not Found; The reqest URL was not found on this server Fuck Terfs this is how I FEEL Legend of Zelda and the Triforce Mikan Tsumiki Blushing Pokemon Gen 1-4 Claude von Riegan make pasta, not love Scott Pilgram vs. the World toaster Demon Slayer Sidon oatchi Deku Midoriya m m m toasty Over the Garden Wall Spy x Family Spongebob and Patrick rocking on a Heart Shaped Fairwheel The Original Powerpuff Girls egg katamari i love hello kitty Dawn of the First Day Dawn of the Second Day Dawn of the Final Day I love both old and new consoles Heart Ocean Heart Rain This's Artist work.... is Copyright Protected Pink DS SNES Controller Rosa and Luma <stamp></stamp> Tomodachi Life Disorders, diablities or sexualities are not INSULTS Incest Shippers FUCK OFF Love Hello Kitty Shipping real people is creepy Please be nice Walt Disney Logo HAM HAM I love cats I love Hello Kitty! Kirby Logo and him doing things Little Witch Academia Hello Kitty in different colors Folding Stamp We Shrave for Peace Fi Helloo my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Perpare to die. A meadow of pink flowers I Heart Cute Pokemon Oh My God This Stamp is on fire French Fries being scrolled vertically Baby We Bare Bears as Puppies I Heart Hello Kitty with a Hello Kitty Emoji Stamp Missing Adventure Time Retsuko Animal Crossing with Isabella Halloween Hello Kitty i love sleeping I heart Mermaids with a mermaid in the background i chew my ice cubes Mother 3 Pink Hello Kitty holding a wand Panty & Stocking Sims Kiki signing and dancing at night I heart Mermaids Pink and Girly 3D Purple Hearts falling I Heart Rainbows Pink and Black Hello Kitty Pheniox has coffee on his head Pokemon Always and Forever Blue Stamp of Death Glee Scott Pilgrim DVD Logo moving around The Main Characters of Earthbound White Hello Kitty with Pink Text I Support Grass Kitty Love Long Live Windows XP Toy R Us Pink and Black Checkerbox Hamatro 4 no twitter Monokuma Laughing Okami Pink Ouran Paper Mario Logo Pocket Camp It's about the music 'I caught a seas bass!' FUCK, not you again! Spy x Family I'm gay and so can you I Heart Gir Merry Sleeping Underneath a Tree my chemical romance I'm bad at explaining things Me? Overacting? shit probably I am a Shy Person I Love the Rowdyruff Boys Wallace Wells Drunk Homosexual Electronics Love South Park Animal Crossing Addict Self Taught Artist Doc and Marty in Back to the Future Black Lives Matter Blossom Back to the Future Logo i use firefox I LOVE Rain SpongeBob's mad My tiny Dragon digital artist wii love nintendo OH BOO I wish my pencil had CTRL + Z Chocolate! Ed, Edd n' Eddy Theme Song We Have Techonlogy Go Faster at a Loading Screen Young People Can Be Disabled Too Patrick thinks he's pretty SpongeBob SquarePants Logo Mario and Peach playing Mario Kart Wii Internet addict Sapphire Sailor Moon holding her wand Duck You! Muzan Kibutsuji Fuck AI Image Generators Scott Playing the bass Dexter's Laboratory I Love My Music I SUPPORT creativity Duran Duran Espeon Froppy Mario and Luigi playing Mario Kart Wii Jammin' Nintendo Lover Pokemon Black and White Sex o Bomb Comics are an art form! Take on Me NO! THIS IS PATRICK! Legend of Zelda Fan No AI in a red circle with a cross Pac Man and a bunch of ghosts I support YOU making ART! The Legend of Zelda Wikipedia Logo Scoot Pilgrim vs. the World Vera and Frankie Chiaki Nanami Sex-o-Bombs performing Transphobe's not welcome Aang's testimony animal crossing messy hair Note: I don't have a short attention span... I just... I heart burger I'm proud to be a cookie lover Beach Hello Kitty behind a bow I'm Not Okay music video ending credit imagination Disney Channel Halloween Logo Keyboard You spin me right round baby, right round I love listening to the radio High school graduate Hello Kitty Keyboard Triple Goober-berry sunrise YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO PROPAGANGA Total Drama Revenge of the Island Logo Penguins i heart rainbows terfs are gross Gary eating Moon Cycles Error Popup 0_0 Cat Lover O.K. Computer Green Day U MAD? Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album Cover Talking Heads Remain in Light Album Cover Challenge Accepted Steven Universe Future Logo Downloading Sucks! ME GUSTA I LOVE MUSIC I Support Imagination i support stuff from THE Present Every generation Forever Alone I draw for the sake of drawing Finger in his ass Sunday Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues Album Cover RAWR! MEANS I LOVE YOU Spunch Bob FFFFFUUUU I support Digital art Hands off Yemen Me millionth dollar Astley Keep Eyes on Sudan nothing Zelda holding a frog Stop the Genocide Franziska Von Karma Spongebob with hearts in his eyes Isabelle at her desk in New Horizons Maya Fey Blue Hello Kitty on a surfboard Str.Pepper's Lonely Heart Band I have a weak spot for cute things Converse ALLSTARS Nazis, Fascists, Alt-Right, KKK, Pro-Trump FUCK OFF Spongebob has imagination Oops...I Overlicked My Stamp a Nintendo FAN Panty and Stocking flying away Mario and Luigi heading to see Princess Peach I love to do stuff on the computer Danganronpa V3 on a GameBoy Advance console I'm a 2000's kid Nintendo DS logo Twitter with red cross mark I love making characters Artist Block SUCKS I Heart My Brick Epic Fail Miffy the Bunny CAUTION- This stamp has SHARP EDGES; Do not touch this edges of this stamp! Black Sabbath I actually like broccoli The Magypsies I support Save Frogs Giygas Mother Series Logo after Ness Won a Round in Super Smash Bros. Diabled is not a bad word My memory sucks! The Earthbound 2 Heroes I love bows Nirvana Fan Metallica Logo Sleep Late ACDC Logo South Korea Flag All Time Low Logo I don't support PeTA now will I ever The Internet is another planet Kiki flying on her broom I support obscure things you've never even heard of Yes, I love to collect stamps, even if I can't use them... Cringe culture is DEAD My Chemical Romance Logo Green Day Logo Retro Video Games Autism is not a tragedy Music is my lifeline Sum 41 Logo Stamp Collector Animal Crossing Peach on a Pink Background VERY Nostalgic Person I Heart Rock Music Dimileth Pizzas A Pointer Giving the Middle Finger Fire Emblem Three Houses Logo I'm a natual born procrastinator Two options: |wake up| or keep dreaming Dimitri A siluate of the sailor scouts Hello Kitty with a rose Yes...I hardly ever Log out Female Byleth I've a lot of ideas but I'm too LAZY to draw them Easily Distracted Pink Roses Fire Emblem Three Houses Leaders Self Taught Coder WindowsVista Logo Stamp Loading I make typos Hamburgers Lammy Vengaboys One Hell of a Bulter Grell Mean People SUCKS! Blue Clues' Title Logo The Internet is a Big Place, But: I Find and Report Art Theft. Please Don't Steal Art SpongeBob Squarepants Logo Abortion is non of your buisness A female wearing a black shirt, pink and black checker skirt and black leggings wanting credit for your work is not Selfish Avatar: The Last Air Bender Logo Rick Roll Stardew Valley Logo The Powerpuff Girls ('98 Version) Logo Made in the 90s' Phenoix has coffee thrown at him This Stamp is a Ghost Dexter's Laboratory Logo The Powerpuff Girls before going to bed Dot Crushing Over Someone Bjonn Young & Disabled SpongeBob Squarepants LOVER Neko Atsume cats The Prosecution is ready Me overreacting? shit probably The Legend of Korra Logo Espeon Never apologize for your art Fennekin putting on a flower crown Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Logo Taco Bell Logo Big Bird next to a yellow hert Fall Out Boy Logo behind a pink background Cartman saying 'Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home' American Flag mob eating a burger Small Hello Kitty beihind a light pink background Monomi I'm a web 2.0 Girl Little Witch Academy Aqua Album Tooru Gori & Washimi at the karaoke bar Gori & Washimi walking down the hallway I heart Nintendo Wii Doin' it You Wouldn't Download a Car tumblr. addict. I heart my DS Futurama
a pink sewing button with 4 holes Hello Kitty Sticker 2