09/14/2023: Nintendo Direct Reaction


Nintendo just announce "Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door" remake! I gasped when I saw the open trailer! Like, I have been wanting to play the game for years but didn't have the GameCube growing up. And the original copy is like, about $265. So, now I have the chance to play it on the Switch when it comes out next year!!!!!!!

Oh and there were more footage of "Super Mario RPG" and it looked so good! And I loved the remastered version of "Beware the Forest's Mushroom". Now there's going to be a Triple Move if you fill the meter for timing attack hits rights. And it's different based on whose in the battle.

And the new Princess Peach game, "Princess Peach Showtime" actually look cool! And you have the character dress up in different costume to solve puzzles!

Beside those three, the rest of Direct was "meh". There was the "F-Zero" game that everyone "predicted" was going to be on the Switch. But no "Metriod 4" that the Internet wanted for years. And that there were numerous First Party remakes and remasters that Nintendo announced, which means the rumors of Switch 2 being real is coming true as that what happened at the end of Nintendo 3D/Wii U era. But at least it'll keep us busy until next year when they'll announce the Switch 2, which is rumored to come out, late next year.

After the Direct ended, I end up falling asleep as I been up for almost 20 hours for this due to staying up all night, tinkering with my website and wow, my sleep schedule sucks! And my wallet is to going to hate me for the two (or even three) games that I'll buy. Or I'll wait until it goes on sale, who know.