The Sims 3 Family


The Calver family is one of my first families I made when I got the game. Althought my original save file that was saved on another laptop has been destoryed, this is the newer version of the Calver family that I made on my laptop in 2014. The founder Sims, Carletta Calver is losely based off of me and her boyfriend, Chad Calver was losely based off my former crush from middle school (lame, right?) I have them move into a small premade starter home in Sunset Valley, went to University and see one of their roommates, a Vampire, die of thrist on day 2 of class. After getting their degrees, they returned to Sunset Valley, started their jobs and got married. Once they made it far in their careers, I have them move out of the starter home and into a home that I built on an empty lot. They later have four kids: Caroline, Cody, Colin and Courtney.

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Out of them, only three of them was gifted an imaginary doll after they were born. I know some might not like them due to looking creepy once the owner becomes a child, but for me, it's their future spouse. This is easy as I don't have to find a random Sims in the open-world field and hope to God their traits are comparible! Once the four became young adults, I pick the youngest Courtney, as the next hier of Gen 2. Once that was settled, I kicked the other three out of the house before foucsing on her and her husband, Kyle who was once an imaginary doll.

Then she and Kyle got married and have two kids, Trent and Eva. Only Trent has gifted an imaginary doll named Brigetta, who later became his wife. Along the way, Chad died in his sleep due to old age and poor Trent (who was a child) had to see the Grim Reaper take away his grandpa. Then when he and Eva were teenagers, their grandma died having a heart attack while eating at her favorite resturant (not really, Carletta just died of old age). And shortly after that, when Eva was the town gym one day, she saw a old man fell off the treadmill and die of a stroke (not really once more). When I'm not busy seeing the death of the founding hiers, I checked in on Caroline, Cody and their spouses as they end up having kids.

Screenshot-518 Screenshot-539 Screenshot-551 Screenshot-559 Screenshot-612 Screenshot-635 Screenshot-559 Screenshot-612 Screenshot-684 Screenshot-686 Screenshot-690 Trent Prom Photo Eva Prom Photo

After he and Eva became young adult, I made Trent the next hier of Gen 3 an have him and his girlfriend, Brigetta go to University to get their degrees. Meanwhile, Eva became an athlete who started dating one of her teammates, who then got engaged to him, got married in privately, had a baby girl and then moved out of the Calver house when their daughter became a toddler. Once they left, Trent and Brigetta was expecting their first child and wonder if it's going to be a boy or girl. It was a girl all right....THREE GIRLS!! Yup that's right, he and Brigetta have triplets and despite that, they aren't identical.

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The Calver triplets, Anna-Maria, Jo and Zoey (yeah, I'm a Total Drama fan as I named them after the three female characters who were on the same team back in season 4, ((which became obivious when they became teenagers)) had a tame first year in the simming world. However, when they became toddlers, their grandma died of a heart attack while watching them in the living room and had to see the Grim Reaper take her away. I think only Jo and Zoey noticed this as Anne-Maria was too busy playing with her doll to see the horror. Then a few days later, their grandpa died of a broken heart as he can't be without his beloved wife. At least the girls were asleep when Kyle takes his last breath. But then tradgey strike one more time as their family cat died on their BIRTHDAY! Ouch. While all of that is going on, two of Trent's cousins settled down with one of them married a vampire and have a son, who was also a vampire.

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Eventually the triplets became teenagers and later become young adults. And I decided to make an unsual choice of having both Jo and Zoey become hier of Gen 4 as the two of them were my favorites! Zoey's imaginary friend became first one to come alive, whom I name Mike (another Total Drama reference). Afterwords, the two then started dating. Too bad tradgey struck once more when Trent died of a stroke while celeberating his 40th annviersity with Brigetta at a fancy restaruant in town. Then a few days later, Brigetta died of old age in her office. Welp, no grandchildren for them. At that point, only Zoey, her boyfriend and her older sister, Jo remained in the house. Anne-Maria has already moved out at that point and married a woman (they were my first same-sex couple I have ever played).

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Then Jo's imaginary friend came alive, so I named him David. The two then got married while Zoey and Mike had their first child, a child named Kelly. Later on, Jo and David had two children on their own: Devin and Dawn (two more Total Drama references)! At that point, I decided that the house I made back in Gen 1, is now too small for the family of seven, so I bought another plot of land and build a bigger house for them. Once they moved in, the three cousins get to grow up together with their parents. Then once Kelly became a young adult, she moved back into the old house, got married and have a daughter on her own.

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Eventually, Devin and Dawn became young adults themselves, which I made Devin heir for Gen 5. Afterwards, I have Devin's imaginary friend, Carrie came alive, who he later got married to and have at least five kids (which four of them were a set of twins) with her. By that point, both his and Dawn's parents, aunt and uncle died of old age. I think this was when I start to get burnout from the game itself as the two set of twins weren't my plan and I want aliens to take Devin away and do "experiment" on him. Also, since my file was starting to get big because of how many family members were on the list, it was starting to take forever to both load and save the game. And this was on a 6 year old laptop that I was also using for school.

So after 4 years of playing on and off with the Calver family, I abandoned the game, only making it to Gen 5. One year later, I tried again using mods that will make the game better as I'm already using them for the Sims 4, which I got for free. Even with the mods, it didn't stick with me. Then three years later, I tried to pick up the game again just to see the laptop can't read the disk anymore! And I can't find the CD for the base game, that has the installation code anywhere, so I can't uninstall the game without losing everything I owned (which is why I made a backup file for that reason).

Maybe one day, I'll find a way to get my Sims 3 to work again. And maybe one day, I'll finally get to 10 generations in either game as well. But with life and suffering from executive dysfunction, which keeps me from doing things I want to do (because I'm autistic), I might not be available to and it sucks!